Adherence to PAP: Relieving Aerophagia

Adhering to your PAP therapy is essential to relieving aerophagia. Check out some tips below for eliminating swallowed air with PAP therapy:

  1. Make sure you know how to properly fit and adjust your mask for best seal. Replace the cushion or entire mask and headgear if it is worn out or damaged. 
  2. Expiratory pressure relief features are available on most CPAP machines today. This is commonly a patient-controlled feature so learn how to use it.
  3. Verify that you are adequately hydrated and using enough humidity from the PAP.
  4. Consider if the mask you are using is the best choice.
  5. Confirm with your PAP provider that your machine is set correctly as prescribed by your doctor.
  6. If you suspect your PAP machine air pressure might be inadequate either too high or too low, discuss a pressure change with your doctor.
  7. If you suspect your aerophagia is the result of hyperventilation caused by anxiety, consider utilizing a sleep aid or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provided by a sleep specialist. Ask your sleep doctor for a referral.


Learning the cause of aerophagia is key to resolving it. As always, discuss this issue with your sleep doctor and PAP provider to help determine your causes and resolutions.

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